Virtual Freedom

7-Session Bundle

Have you been feeling left behind?

Whether in our professional lives, in our friendships, with our families as well as dating and recreation, adjusting to a virtual world isn’t an option anymore — it’s a necessity.

If this has felt overwhelming to you, I'm here to help.

How would life be different if you were able to feel at ease and assured in virtual settings, completely capable of navigating constantly changing technology, and able to focus on authentically connecting where it counts?

 This package helps smooth the way. 

  1. Get more comfortable presenting and showing up on Zoom and other virtual platforms:

    1. Support for orienting in a virtual environment;

    2. Address anxiety re. giving online presentations;

    3. Coaching on how to show up more authentically and look and feel your best on screen;

  2. Help for dealing with all the emotions around feeling isolated and disconnected while social distancing continues to be important for everyone’s safety.

September/October 2020 Honor System Pricing: Choose what you pay according to your ability, no questions asked. 

$450, $550, $650, or $777

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