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EFT Support Group: Interdependence Day Needs & Resources Circle

SoulPath Community Circles

Remembering Together

These gatherings are intended to be sacred spaces for participants to connect with inner truth

while catalyzing a deeper awareness of our interconnection.

Circles are held in response to community interest; please inquire if you're interested in something that isn't currently active.

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Online EFT Support Groups

Community Circle

Join a group of others to practice a fantastic method for dealing with stress and emotional difficulties and releasing harmful beliefs while enhancing and strengthening the emotional states and beliefs you do want to have.

EFT is one of the modalities that I use in one-on- one sessions, and I love the way that it can help us positively shift emotional states and beliefs very rapidly.

SoulPath Self-Care

Community Circle

In this ongoing group, we’ll each have a chance to check in and share what we’d like help working on at the emotional and interpersonal levels.

I’ll guide the group in one or more of my favorite self-care practices, chosen based on what the group will most be served by. Possibilities include EFT, Flower Essence Sessions, mantra practice, guided visualization and other modalities.

Needs & Resources

Community Circle

Let's leverage the power of Soul to catalyze mutually beneficial connections. Are you starting a new enterprise? Need some gig work? Looking for a specific kind of job done? What do you have in abundance to contribute? What do you need?

We will divide up the time evenly so that each person has equal opportunity to share both needs and offerings. Let’s help each other transition into a new, mutually beneficial economy.



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