Transformation Time

10 Session Bundle

I believe
that we are in the midst
of an incredibly potent and powerful opportunity
for individual & collective

into who we authentically and most powerfully are,
but to step fully into this possibility

requires that we

SHOW UP and 

do the work.

This Bundle empowers you to do just that.

  1. One-on-one sessions for ongoing support during times of radical changes; effectively dealing with anxiety, grief, overwhelm, fear, disconnect, depression, frustration, resentment and other big feelings;

  2. Help in transforming your part of key relationships and increasing your ability to stay grounded and in your center, with more awareness and empathy in otherwise fraught conditions;

  3. Some of the most powerful and effective self-care practices and strategies I know for building and maintaining a healthy foundation to buffer during the hard stuff, and come out the other side shining bright and ready to rebuild. 

September/October 2020 Honor System Pricing: Choose what you pay according to your ability, no questions asked. 

$750, $850, $950, or $1111

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