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Quit Smoking

For Good.

If you want to stop smoking,
this Quit Smoking package can help you do it.

  • Get support to deal with cravings

  • change your sense of identity to one of a non-smoker

  • Create a strong unconscious aversion to cigarettes,

  • And find new ways of dealing with the stresses that may have caused you to smoke in the past. 

This is a very thorough protocol and to effect change I usually recommend a 2 hour initial session and then a week later, a 60 minute follow up session. If needed, additional sessions are available at no extra charge (and it's very possible that you'll be smoke free with just the first two sessions).

There's nothing more self-loving you can do right now than to let go of habits that are destructive to you and those around you.  If you feel ready to quit and would like some focused and powerful support, call or text me at 573-239-8637 to set up a free initial consultation.
($242 for an initial 2 hour session and a one hour followup session, plus additional smoking cessation sessions as needed at no extra charge.) 



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