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Intuitive Consulting &
Flower Essence Sessions

My early experience of deep connection with Nature and my Spirit Guides wasn’t something I anticipated bringing to the attention of anyone at first, but Life presented me with some pretty intense challenges that my Guides and Nature Intelligence helped me to navigate, and with far greater grace and presence than I would have imagined possible. In the process of navigating these difficulties, I developed a perspective and a skill set that allowed me to grow and deepen through the experiences, and realized that others could benefit from what I’d learned.  So I decided to take the leap and began offering intuitive services, which I called SoulPath Work, to others on a professional basis in 2013.

The SoulPath Sessions can include Intuitive Readings, Flower Essence Sessions, Intergenerational Healing, Empath Empowerment & Healthy Energetic Boundaries, and more; each session is going to be unique to the individual and can create surprisingly profound benefits as well as unexpected realizations that can help everything come into a greater sense of coherence.