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Intuitive Consulting &
Flower Essence Sessions

​Empowering, Clearing, Activating, Connecting.

Individualized Readings, Flower Essence Sessions and Help in Accessing Your Own Guidance.

Trina’s unique brand of intuitive consulting meets you right where you’re at and supports you in getting further on the path towards what you most deeply desire.  Not a fortune-telling service nor a way of finding how to bend the Universe to your desires, Trina’s Guides are available to support you in reconnecting with your own authentic wisdom, freeing up your own intelligence and energy in the direction of creating your deepest fulfillment and satisfaction in a balanced and life-affirming way.  

Intuitive Consulting sessions aren’t always indicated;

Available on an as-guided basis.


About Flower Essences

Flower essences were first developed in the 1030’s by Homeopath Dr. Edward Bach. They are a form of subtle energy medicine that can help repair auric damage and imbalances, helping to bring the field that is being addressed into a state that is conducive to healing and regeneration. 

Energetic patterning of flowers, plants or gemstones infused in water and set in alcohol used for support for emotional difficulties may sound like a lot of hooey, but there’s some interesting research that backs up its efficacy that takes the placebo effect into consideration. I have personally witnessed its efficacy in my life and in my clients’ lives, and have given up trying to figure out why it works, to simply appreciate that it does.



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