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Real Help For
Chronic Anxiety

Take Your Life Back.

This 5 Session Package includes:

  1. A thorough intake session that will allow us to customize the work to meet your unique needs, along with some quick and effective stress-busting techniques you can immediately take home with you

  2. A session where I show you how to create affirmations that really work, show you how to turn on and off a pleasurable state of deep relaxation as you choose, giving you a new set point that will allow you to create a place of safety from which to do the deeper work that we’ll do in the next sessions, and a recording for you to use regularly to help reinforce your chosen affirmations while deepening your capacity to fully relax. 

  3. Two Hypnotherapy sessions to address any root cause of anxiety, panic attacks and phobias.  

  4. One followup session to address any potential remaining issues while using what you’ve learned to create more of what you want to experience in your life going forward.

All sessions are scheduled for one hour each, but an allowance of up to 30 minutes is built in to my schedule so if we need extra time we’ll have it (at no extra cost to you). If additional sessions are needed to address the root cause, they can be added on at a rate of $100 per additional session ($45 off the regular rate).

*I am not advocating stopping anxiety medication if it’s helping you; but Hypnotherapy can be helpful for many who feel that they’d be better off not taking medication, and would like other effective strategies for dealing with panic attacks, anxiety and phobias.  If you're not sure, please consult your physician.