About Trina Brunk, CHT

As a mom, I was first inspired by the way that childbirth hypnosis made everything feel good that previously was just hard, and in a very brief journey to a comfortable place within, brought a feeling of empowerment and optimism and grace where everything had previously felt uncomfortable and challenging.  A big deal for a working mom of a growing family!

It would be years before I considered becoming formally trained as a hypnotherapist, but I carried the things I'd learned into many aspects of my life and continued to research and study over the years that followed.

Growing up in a large musical family, I noticed that songs also have a way of taking us on a journey, sometimes instantly creating states of mind that weren't there before or calling up old memories and feelings — but I realized that some songs took me places I didn’t always want to go. So I decided to write my own songs, ones that would take me where I DID want to go.  And that was the beginning of a wonderful phase of my life that keeps unfolding as I explore ways of making music that helps me and others get from where we are to where we want to be.

My training as a hypnotherapist was a natural outgrowth of the exploration of both of these fields and I am enjoying my ongoing work with helping my clients get where they want to go via whatever means are most appropriate and elegant for them.


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