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Break The Chains That Bind You



Ready to Thrive?

Would you like to . . .      

  • Transform self-destructive patterns that keep you in the same tired old loops? 

  • Make the potent, pivotal changes necessary to access your unique creative expression and aliveness?

  • Create and maintain healthy energetic boundaries, moving beyond empath overload and living your deepest YES?

I'm Trina Brunk, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Consultant. My passion is to facilitate your direct experience of your own magnificence and helping you to access the power within you . . .  to make your life better in the ways that are most important to YOU.  


Trina Brunk's accompaniment in my process of growth and self-exploration has helped to spur quantum shifts in my thinking that might have taken years of therapy or might never have happened. She brings an incisive mind and a powerful intuition to the task, and her her skills have only grown and deepened over time. This type of healing work is greatly needed in these times, and not at all easy to find.

Tracy L. Barnett


About Me

Singer-Songwriter turned Transpersonal Hypnotherapist & Intuitive Consultant

I bring over two decades' experience in bridging between the conscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves, to help clients create gentle but powerful positive change. My outside-the-box approaches, tailored to your unique needs, combine both lightness and depth that acknowledge your dignity and power to create positive change in your life.

My Story: As a mom, I was first inspired by the way that childbirth hypnosis made everything feel good that previously was just hard, and in a very brief journey to a comfortable place within, brought a feeling of empowerment and optimism and grace where everything had previously felt uncomfortable and challenging.  A big deal for a working mom of a growing family!

Even before I wrote my first song, similarly to hypnosis, I noticed that songs also have a way of taking us on a journey — but I realized that some songs took me places I didn’t always want to go. So I decided to write my own songs, ones that would take me where I DID want to go.  And that was the beginning of a wonderful phase of my life that keeps unfolding as I explore ways of making music that helps me get from where I am to where I want to be.

My training as a hypnotherapist was a natural outgrowth of the exploration of both of these fields and I am enjoying my ongoing work with helping my clients get where they want to go via whatever means are most appropriate and elegant for them.


It's Your Path.
Make It The Way You Want.



Clinical research suggests that hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in helping a variety of issues from smoking addiction, panic attacks and phobias, chronic stress and anxiety, and more. 
Click below to find out more about hypnotherapy, clinical research, and some commonly asked questions.

SoulPath Intuitive Consulting

SoulPath Intuitive Consulting Sessions can include Intuitive Readings, Flower Essence Sessions, Intergenerational Healing, Empath Empowerment & Healthy Energetic Boundaries, and more; each session is going to be unique to the individual and can create surprisingly profound benefits as well as unexpected realizations that can help everything come into a greater sense of coherence (which is ultimately the tendency of all that is, which is why this stuff works).

Liberate Your Voice

Our minds tend to run in repetitive loops. This is just part of the package of being a Human — so why not capitalize on that and make our loops beautiful, yummy, fulfilling, OURS — instead of what Society, or our families, or that mean person in the grocery store said to us?

I can help you bring your authentic voice back online; turn your affirmations into songs to easily and enjoyably re-program your self-talk; and help you heal from whatever limiting and negative messages you’ve internalized that have kept you back from fully experiencing who you are.


"If an acorn becomes a tree, what will I be?
If a river becomes the sea, where am I going?
As my life unfurls in the shape that it's meant to be,
I surrender to a deeper knowing.”

From the song "Acorn" by Trina Brunk
Born to Live In These Times


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