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Emotional Resilience During These Times of Massive Change

For Fall 2020 I'm offering three new packages:

1. SoulSong: A deeply nourishing combination of healing song, self-hypnosis and Core Transformation.

2. Transformation Times: Get help stabilizing and raising your vibe so that you come through these times stronger, more vital, and more authentically YOU.

3. Virtual Freedom: Beat isolation, feelings of disconnection and insecurity -- get support in dealing with what holds you back from transitioning confidently and connecting in more fulfilling ways with our suddenly almost completely virtual community. 

These offerings are for anyone who wants to cultivate greater emotional resiliency during these extraordinary times, while also receiving support for deeper issues, to keep things from being any harder than they have to be.

I use cutting edge and research-backed* protocols for helping you to reach the core of wholeness and peace at the center of the most difficult parts of your experience, bringing a greater degree of resourcefulness and flexibility as well as a more expansive perspective to issues that once troubled you the most.

When you take care of yourself, everyone benefits.

*Core Transformation is one of the primary modalities I use with clients. Learn about recent research here.


Trina Brunk's accompaniment in my process of growth and self-exploration has helped to spur quantum shifts in my thinking that might have taken years of therapy or might never have happened. She brings an incisive mind and a powerful intuition to the task, and her her skills have only grown and deepened over time. This type of healing work is greatly needed in these times, and not at all easy to find.

Tracy L. Barnett



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Get real help to deal with stress, anxiety, compulsive and addictive behaviors, and more.

In these sessions I support you in accessing the power of your inner mind to make profound and positive change in a gentle, compassionate and deeply honoring way.  Guided trance work is available as is Self-Hypnosis for deep relaxation and stress reduction, plus quick approaches to dealing with cravings, popping out of unwanted emotional and mental loops into a state of deeper peace and wellbeing.

Life Coaching

For times of transition, breaking long-standing patterns of self-sabotage and making that leap into a brand new version of your life.

When you choose to commit to your personal development, healing and growth, you’ll be making one of the biggest life-changing decisions you’ll potentially ever make. When you choose to take this path with Trina Brunk, you’ll be able to take pathways you didn’t even know were there . . . 
You can learn powerful tools to make your way as you choose, or have an ally walk with you step by step and support you through the bumps and challenges, as you navigate the different phases of creating lasting change.


About Trina Brunk

Transpersonal Hypnotherapist &
Intuitive Life Coach

I bring over two decades' experience in bridging between the conscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves, to help you create gentle but powerful positive change. SoulPath Sessions, tailored to your unique needs, combine both lightness and depth that acknowledge your dignity and power to create positive change in your life.

I am a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist with additional training in the Rewind Technique for Panic Attacks & Phobias, Reiki I, II & III, Core Transformation Process, Applied Kinesiology, Flower Essence Energy Sessions, and EFT.

My personal healing path has involved diving deep into my creative expression as a singer/songwriter, and I'm available to help you do the same in whatever expression is most authentic for you -- it can help the "serious work" go a lot more powerfully. (you can listen to my music here).

It's my passion to help you directly experience your ability to make your life more the way you most deeply desire. 

It would be an honor to walk with you on your Soul's Path.


"If an acorn becomes a tree, what will I be?
If a river becomes the sea, where am I going?
As my life unfurls in the shape that it's meant to be,
I surrender to a deeper knowing.”

From the song "Acorn" by Trina Brunk
Born to Live In These Times


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